About Us

PT. Ubud Valasindo Authorized Money Changer in Bali. By deed no. 07, dated 12 November 2010 made before Luh Putu Damayanti, Notary in Badung, Bali, and has received Approval from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights No. AHU-56427.AH01.01 in 2010, and began operations from the date of February 11, 2011 by the Decree of the Governor of Bank Indonesia No. 13/2 / KEP.GBI / Dpr / 2011.
For approximately four years, PT. Ubud Valasindo has helped so much Travelers who need foreign currency qualified.

As one official money changers in Bali we provide a very good service. We serve wholeheartedly, honestly and without any commission.

Dated December 5, 2014 PT.Ubud Valasindo managed to get two awards TOP TEN BEST MONEY CHANGER and THE BEST MONEY CHANGER in Bali Customers Satisfaction Award 2014, as Money Changer Money Changer best of the other.
To give you more satisfaction, we always have a best price / rate for the currency exchange. So you don`t have any reason for not exchanging your money in our counter.

Come and find the logo of our counter in many destination places around Bali.